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Carlos Alomar is a Puerto Rican Guitarist, Producer, Writer, Composer, Professor and arranger best known for his work with David Bowie, having played on more Bowie albums than any other musician other than Mike Garson. He has also performed with Duran Duran and with Duran Duran's side project, Arcadia on the album, So Red the Rose.
The son of a Pentecostal minister, Alomar was raised in New York. From the age of ten he taught himself to play the guitar, and started playing professionally at age sixteen. In the 1960s he performed during "Amateur Hour" at the Apollo Theater, eventually joining the house band, backing Chuck Berry and many leading soul artists. Circa 1968-69 he toured for eight months in James Brown's live band, eventually quitting after being docked wages for missing a musical cue. In 1969 Alomar formed a group called Listen My Brother with vocalists Luther Vandross, Fonzi Thornton (later to work with Chic and Roxy Music), and Robin Clark. Alomar and Clark later wed and had a daughter named Lea.
Alomar subsequently played as a session musician for RCA Recording Studios, and others including Ben E. King ("Supernatural Thing", 1975) and Joe Simon ("Drowning in the Sea of Love"). He also met drummer Dennis Davis while they were both playing with jazz artist Roy Ayers. Alomar then toured with the band The Main Ingredient.



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2003 - REALITY (David Bowie)
Label: Columbia / ISO Records
2001 - HEATHEN (David Bowie)
Label: Columbia / ISO Records
1995 - OUTSIDE (David Bowie)
Label: BMG / Arista
1988 - DOBLE VIDA (Soda Stereo)
Label: Sony
1987 - NEVER LET ME DOWN (David Bowie)
Label: EMI

Label: Private Music
1986 - SUN SUN (Casiopea)
Label: Alfa
1986 - PRESS TO PLAY (Paul McCartney)
Label: Capitol
1985 - SO RED THE ROSE (Arcadia)
Label: Parlophone
1985 - SHE'S THE BOSS (Mick Jagger)
Label: Antlantic
1984 - TONIGHT (David Bowie)
Label: EMI
1980 - SCARY MONSTERS (David Bowie)
Label: RCA
1979 - LODGER (David Bowie)

Label: RCA
1978 - STAGE (David Bowie)
Label: RCA
1977 - THE IDIOT (Iggy Pop)
Label: RCA
1977 - LUST FOR LIFE (Iggy Pop)
Label: RCA
1977 - HEROES (David Bowie)
Label: RCA
1977 - LOW (David Bowie)

Label: RCA
1975 - STATION TO STATION (David Bowie)
Label: RCA
1975 - YOUNG AMERICANS (David Bowie)

Label: RCA

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