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Juana Molina is an electronic singer-songwriter and actress from Argentina. She is known for her distinctive sound, which is generally considered folktronica, but has also been described as ambient, experimental, neofolk, indietronica, psychedelic, and indie pop. Juana Molina is one of the most original, imaginative and internationally embraced Argentine musicians recording today. She weaves together propulsive acoustic guitar strumming, clanging percussions, dreamy ambient keyboards and then spreads her ethereal voice over the whole blend. She produces the music on her own, using looping technology to layer the different elements on top of one another, creating whirling, hypnotic and often gorgeous musical tapestries.
David Byrne, National Public Radio in the US, the quintessential tastemaker website Pitchfork and the New York Times have all sung her praises. In recent years she has toured internationally, including a North American tour opening up for indipop darling, Leslie Feist.
When you ask most Argentines for an opinion of her music, however, you are likely to get a response related to her popular sketch comedy show from the ’90s, ‘Juana y Sus Hermanas’. The local tendency to pigeonhole her as a wacky comic actress. Appreciation of the originality of her art has grown in recent years—in concurrence with the rise of her international popularity—but her early dismissal by critics here in Argentina continues to hang over her.
This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was this early criticism of her music that freed her to defy expectations on following albums. She could venture beyond influences and plunge ever deeper inside herself—digging out the music that she herself found most pleasing.

HALO (2017)
Juana Molina

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2017 - HALO
Label: Crammed

2013 - WED 21

Label: Crammed

2008- UN DIA
Label: Domino

2006 - SON
Label: Acqua Records

Label: Domino

2000 - SEGUNDO
Label: Bla Bla Discos

1996 - RARA
Label: MCA
Label: Epic

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