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Moon Suk is an opera soprano, poetess, spectacle performance artist, actress, model and painter. After studing opera and church music at the EWHA University in Seoul, she came to Germany to study at the Karlsruhe Music Academy under Lucretia West and Marga Schiml.
Moon Suk was awarded a Richard Wagner Scholarship and invited by Renate Ackermann to study at the opera institute in Karlsruhe. Moon Suk worked as an assistant professor under Ingrid Mayer at the Mozart Academy in Salzburg and in Seoul. She also participated in international master classes conducted by Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Anna Reynolds, Hartmut Höll, and Mizuko Shirai. Moon Suk has performed at classical music festivals in Germany, France, Austria, Russia, Korea, United Kingdom, and South Amerika.
As the founder of the Pandora artist´s initiative, Moon Suk performs with this group as a singer dancer and director. Along with her performances and solo concerts, the multitalented stage and screen actress continues to play in films, musicals, and operas throughout Europe.
In 2001 she was honored at the Berlinale Film Festival for her role as Mai Lee in "My Sweet Home" directde by Filippos Tsitos. In 2002, Moon Suk toured with the London Palladium production of "The King and I" as lady Thiang. An all-round "no limits" artist, Moon Suk´s talents range from underground to industrial, classic to avant-garde. From multimedia to dance, she ventures beyond pure art to communicate directly with her audiences. In the Berlin art scene, she is regarded as a charming cultural keepsake.

SEASONS (2013)


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2013 - SEASONS
Label: RecordJet

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