SUZZANA MIRACOLATO   (Fashion / Beauty / Glamour)

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Suzzana Miracolato is a Supermodel & Actress from Slovakia.

Suzzana (Miracolato Stefankovicova) was born in Slovakia, Europe. As a little girl 10 years old, she started training martial arts - karate, it was actually her dad who introduced her to martial arts. He wanted her and her sis to be able to defend herself. As a little girl practicing martial arts ,she was very passionate about action movies. She watched them over and over again. Suzzana have always loved them and wanted to be a female version of Jean Claude Van Damme .And from there, it was just a little step to start dreaming about being an action star and to actually go for it. In 2002 she left her hometown Bratislava and came to Los Angeles to pursue her dream to become an "Action Star":) When she was living in LA she used to train kickboxing with Taimak, who was the star of the cult action movie “The Last Dragon” . It wasn’t easy though, he was very hard on her, very strict and he surely spared herno pain. If you thought her girlie look would stop him from being so hard on her, it was quite the opposite . " But at the end of the day it was great school of life", Suzzana says. At the time, when she came to LA, there was this famous series called VIP with Pamela Anderson, where she was playing bodyguard - let’s say an action hero. As Suzzana have looked a lot like her back then and the combination of femininity and action was very popular at that time , her timing was very good and came at the right time. Suzzana have impressed people from biz with her skills and appearance and then after she has appeared in the biggest action magazine in the United States "Inside Kung-Fu", has been annually invited to DragonFest - convention with stars from action and sci-fi movies, where people and fans could meet their idols or favorite actors, martial artists or movie characters and get a photo with them or autograph. After first year of DragonFest, Suzzana has been invited to Las Vegas where they have honored her along with other amazing actors and actresses with the “Action Star of the Year” award. " I was totally amazed and grateful for this award, but since i haven't acted in big Hollywood action films, the fact that i have shared the stage with real big action stars at the ceremony, felt almost unreal. I am well aware of the fact that i was very lucky , in LA there are crowds of people eager to get a chance that i have been given. And i'm forever grateful for this experience, as i know too well that nothing in life should be taken for granted. Somebody up there must really love me :-)", says Suzzana. Later on Suzzana has appeared in magazines in US as well as in Europe. She was the face and a spokemodel for big sport brand Hayashi & TOP TEN, woman’s magazine in United States called She Unlimited and the Supermodel of the month for Divamania. But the one job that she loves the most and that is "closest to my heart" as Suzzana says is campaign she did for charity organization “Knock Out Dog Fighting” that fights to stop cruelty and abuse committed on animals, especially for abusing dogs in dog fighting. This project is very close to her heart, as " I believe i can be useful and help at least a little bit to those ones who need that help. The greatest thing is that in cases like this my name helps to bring attention of the world to listen to this problem. And oh gosh, there are so many things that need to be said to make this world a better place", says Suzzana. Recetly is Suzzana back in Europe, working also as a casting director in her family biz agency called Galaxy Casting. In March 2013 she has appeared in world famous men´s magazine called FHM and that classified her to category FHM MODEL.


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